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7/24/2017   Arizona Corporation Commission Names New Communication Director   View
7/24/2017   Commission Ordered Railroad Crossing Upgrade Completed in Pima County   View
7/12/2017    Commission Eliminates Burdens to State's Electric Cooperatives   View
7/12/2017   Commission Revokes Registration-License of Fountain Hills Investment Professional, Also Sanctions Tucson Investment Adviser Representative   View
7/7/2017   Commissioner Burns to Attend High Level Cyber-Security Briefing   View
6/29/2017   Commission Investigating BSNF Train Derailment   View
6/21/2017   Commission Congratulates Kenya Regulator for Honors after his Work with ACC   View
6/15/2017   Commission Approves EPCOR Rates Application   View
6/13/2017   Commission Uncovers Million-Dollar Fraud in Investment Program Funding Chandler Beverage and Snack Company   View
5/30/2017   Commission Congratulates Global Water Company on Acquisition of Eagletail Water Company    View
5/22/2017   Commission to Hold Water Workshops    View
5/18/2017   Commission Supports Womens' Business Fair    View
5/16/2017   Commission Names Utilities Division Director and other New Staff Assignments    View
5/11/2017   Commission Approves Railroad Upgrades   View
 5/11/2017   Commission to Participate in Department of Interior Public Session regarding NGS   View
5/9/2017   Commission Orders CFO, Insurance Producer and Unlicensed Investment Advisor to Pay Restitution and Penalties   View
5/9/2017   Commission Welcomes EIS Council President   View
5/5/2017   Safety Division CPR Training   View
5/4/2017   May the 4th be Strong with Arizona Small Business Owners Commission Celebrates National Small Business Week   View
5/3/2017   Commission Warns Investors About Third-Party Asset Recovery Companies   View
5/3/2017   Commission applauds state budget agreement   View
5/1/2017   Commission Thanks Governor for Expansion of Small Drinking Water Fund   View
4/25/2017   Utilities Present Summer Preparedness Plans   View
4/24/2017   Utilities to Present Summer Preparedness Plans before Commission     View
4/21/2017   AUSF UPDATE: FCC Approves the Arizona Universal Service Fund to Award State Matches for Special Construction of Broadband Infrastructure for Arizona Schools and Libraries   View
4/21/2017   Commission to Hold Public Comment on EPCOR Rates Application   View
4/20/2017   Commission to Hold Railroad Safety Press Conference    View
4/18/2017   Commissioners Recognize National Lineman Appreciation Day    View
4/12/2017   Commissioners Tobin and Dunn Encouraged by Continued Dialogue and Focus to Address Issues Concerning the Navajo Generating Station    View
4/7/2017   ACC and ADOT Send Railroad Safety Message    View 

April Open Meeting News Briefs
Commission Approves Enhancement of Community Solar in Tucson

4/7/2017   Commission Revokes Licenses and Sanctions Multiple Individuals for Violations that Cost Investors More than $1.5 Million     View 
4/6/2017   Commission Investigates Future of Coal Industry and Navajo Generating Station    View
4/4/2017   Commission to Hold Workshop on Coal Industry    View
3/31/2017   Commission Welcomes Final Four    View
3/31/2017   Commission Supports Arizona Children's Business Fair    View
3/29/2017   Commission Celebrates "National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day"    View
3/29/2017   Location Change for Flagstaff Public Comment    View
3/27/2017   Commission Adds APS Public Comment Hearing in Flagstaff    View
3/27/2017   Commission Hires New Director of Legal Division    View
3/24/2017   Yuma and Verde Valley APS Public Comment     View
3/24/2017   Commission Begins Research into Creating Code of Ethics    View
 3/24/2017    Commission joins EPA's "Fix-a Leak Week" Initiative    View
3/22/2017   Commission Backing Bill to Provide Emergency Relief to Small Water Companies    View
3/22/2017   Commission to Hold Transparency and Disclosure Workshop    View
3/21/2017   Workshop Explores Battery Storage Technologies    View


  Commissioners Dunn and Tobin Visit Douglas Officials.  Tour Port of Entry    View
3/15/2017   Commission to Hold Battery Storage Workshop with Tesla    View
3/14/2017   Commission Revokes Securities Salesman Registration and Investment Adviser Representative License of California Man    View
3/14/2017   Commission Approves Changes to AUSF to Fund Internet for Rural Schools    View
3/9/2017   Commission to Hold Public Comment in APS Rate Settlement    View
3/2/2017   Chairman Establishes Commission Committees     View

(Phoenix) The Arizona Corporation Commission applauds the AZ Attorney General and the Commission’s Security Division in the arrest of a former registered Arizona securities salesman for Fraudulent Schemes & Artifices, Theft, and Criminal Impersonation. The press release from the Arizona Attorney General is attached.



The Arizona Corporation Commission will hold an all day workshop Thursday, March 2nd at 11:00 a.m. to explore amending rules to the Arizona Universal Service Fund (AUSF) in order to provide funding for an innovative program to connect Arizona’s rural schools to the Internet.


2/17/2017   Arizona Corporation Commission welcomes a prominent member of India’s parliament to Arizona.     View

The Arizona Corporation Commission along with Arizona 811,  will hold its first Damage Prevention Safety Seminar of the year for contractors to prevent damage and possible injury when digging.


2/15/2017   Construction to Begin for Railroad Safety Upgrade in Tucson     View
2/7/2017   Commission News Briefs
Commission Approves Railroad Crossing Improvement
2/7/2017   Commission Sanctions Former Securities Salesman for Unregistered Sales in Investment Program Funding Real Estate Loans     View
2/1/2017   Commissioners Hold Workshop to Add New Program to AUSF     View
2/1/2017   Arizona Corporation Commission warns of Home Repair Scam Claiming to be Connected to ACC     View
1/26/2017   Commission to Hold Open Meeting in Tucson     View
01/25/2017   Safety Division holds Master Meter Seminars     View
01/25/2017   Commission to Hold Workshop to Create Funding for Improved Internet Access for Rural Schools     View
01/24/2017   Commissioner Doug Little appointed to National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners Board of Directors     View
01/11/2017   Commission Approves Funds to Help Small Water Company with Critical Infrastructure     View
01/11/2017   Commission recommends statutory changes     View
01/11/2017   Commission Approves Expansion for EPCOR Water Services     View
01/10/2017   Commission to Begin Prayer at Open Meetings     View
01/06/2017   Commission Names Elijah Abinah Acting Director of Utilities Division.  
01/05/2017    Commission Hires Timothy La Sota as Acting General Counsel and Acting Director of Legal Division.     View
01/03/2017   Commission Names Ted Vogt Executive Director.      View


Commission elects Tom Forese as the New Chairman.  


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