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Commissioner Burns to Participate in Western Grid Stakeholder Process

PHOENIX — Arizona Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns has been recently appointed to serve as the Commission’s representative at Peak Reliability. Peak Reliability is currently the reliability coordinator for the western electrical grid that includes 14 western states, British Columbia and the northern portion of Baja California, Mexico.

Peak Reliability may be undergoing some substantial changes in the near future as it looks to combine efforts with PJM Connext to not only continue providing reliability coordinator services, but also electricity market services. According to PJM Connext and Peak Reliability there have been failed attempts over the past two decades to create an organized electricity market in the West. They state that for the effort to be successful this time, it will require strong governance. The market must be sensitive to its customers, and ultimately be guided by them.
The PJM-Peak Market stakeholder engagement process will rely on those with a vested interest in an organized Western Interconnect energy market to gauge the potential for creating such a market. It will require participants with a deep knowledge and understanding of the Western Interconnect transmission system.
“We are very happy that Commissioner Burns will represent the Arizona Corporation Commission during this stakeholder engagement process,” said Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Tom Forese. “His voice will speak for Arizona rate payers keeping their best interests in mind as this effort proceeds.”  
Commissioner Burns believes the electricity markets are currently in a dynamic state of change due to all the advancements in power generation technology combined with the electrical grid advancements and how the electrical grid is now a two-way street, i.e., energy not just flowing from utilities to the customers, but also flowing from the customers to the utilities. Commissioner Burns states, “I look forward to this exciting opportunity to represent the interests of Arizona’s electricity customers at Peak Reliability. Now, more than ever, Arizona needs to be involved in all aspects of issues that involve the western electrical grid as it continues to modernize.”
The PJM-Peak Market Business Plan can be found here.


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