Pipeline Contact List 
 Chris B. Watson Director (602) 262-5601CWatson@azcc.gov 
 Jennifer Ybarra Admin Svc. (602) 262-5601JXYbarra@azcc.gov 
 Tiffani Spinelli-Genovese Admin Svc.  (602) 262-5601 TSpinelli-Genovese@azcc.gov   
 Dennis Randolph Program Manager (602) 228-5342DRandolph@azcc.gov 
 Alan Borne Senior Inspector (602) 262-5601ABorne@azcc.gov
 Eric Villa Senior Inspector (602) 262-5601EVilla@azcc.gov
 Ryan Weight Senior Inspector (602) 999-5476RWeight@azcc.gov
 Brady Sargent Senior Inspector  (602) 319-3354BSargent@azcc.gov
 Daniel Hickey Safety Inspector II (602) 448-2322DHickey@azcc.gov
 John Caughlin Senior Inspector (602) 478-4904JCaughlin@azcc.gov
 Robert Rodriguez Safety Inspector II (602) 999-5497RRodriguez@azcc.gov
 Luis Guzman Safety Inspector II (602) 469-7230LGuzman@azcc.gov
 Joshua McCaffrey Safety Inspector II (602) 228-5340JMccaffrey@azcc.gov
 Robert Rosenberger  Safety Inspector II  (602) 622-4708 RRosenberger@azcc.gov  
 Luis Hurtado  Safety Inspector II  (602) 469-9946 LHurtado@azcc.gov  

Enforcement actions can be found:

 Enforcement Actions are now under the Commissions edocket system. 
 Pipeline Safety enforcement actions are now filed under the Commissions docket system located at: http://edocket.azcc.gov/Search
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