Enforcement Orders

1979 - 1970


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Date Filed


Decision #

December 13, 1979Dean C. Funk50499
November 14, 1979International Translating Service, Inc.; Harry G. Evans-Senoret50412
October 30, 1979Daniel D. Norwalk50370
October 30, 1979Harold E. Mott50371
October 30, 1979Superior Worm Brokers; Douglas Miller; Jerry Cousteau50369
September 13, 1979Resort Development Service, Inc.50255
September 5, 1979Associated Producers, Inc., Ltd.; Kenneth Penland; C. L. Rushing; G. F. Rushing; Billy Ray Graham; Robert Hagler; Ona L. Meadows; Larkie Broom50218
August 16, 1979Richard Barnes Young50161
July 24, 1979National Nurseries, Inc.; Martin Klein; William Campbell; Barnett Liebman; Paul Meyers50101
July 24, 1979Bethel Edward Dennis dba Dennis Doggie Jon-E; Plumbing Company50102
May 15, 1979Theodore Fadia Dubowik49920
December 5, 1978Orval Louis McPherson49507
June 6, 1978Park Nursing Center, Inc.; Richard A. Samuels; Park Nursing Center, Inc.; Park Professional Center49073
March 28, 1978Walter Joseph Brewer48827
September 13, 1977University Securities Corporation 48260
April 18, 1977Gerald Hellinger Murray47832