Enforcement Orders
2004 - 2007

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Date FiledCompany/IndividualDecision #
December 6, 2007   David A. Cockrell; Cockrell Investment Resource Associates, L.L.C.70066 
December 6, 2007Donald P. Shoemaker; Michael J. Sagnelli70065
December 6, 2007  Leonard Clark Rhodes, Jr.; Margaret Rhodes70064
October 16, 2007Interactive Technologies West, Inc.; Louis F. Conant, III; Kyle E. Gillman69943 
October 16, 2007Agra-Technologies, Inc., a.k.a. ATI; William Jay Pierson a.k.a. Bill Pierson; Sandra Lee Pierson a.k.a. Sandy Pierson; William H. Baker, Jr., a.k.a. Bill Baker; Patricia M. Baker69942 
October 16, 2007RYM Technology Holdings, L.L.C.; Felix L. Daniel, Sr. 69941
September 6, 2007

Leonard Francis Alcaro a.k.a. Lenny Alcaro


September 6, 2007

Jerry Johnston Hodges; Lawrence Kevin Paille a.k.a. Larry Paille

August 13, 2007
John Edward Tencza; Christine M. Tencza; American Elder Group, L.L.C.; American Elder Group, Inc.
August 13, 2007

Gregory Grant Groh; Gail A. Groh

August 13, 2007
Estate Protection Consultants, L.L.C.; Ramon Conrado Villa Vasquez a.k.a. Ray C. Villa a.k.a. Ray Villa; Maria J. Villa
August 13, 2007
Richard Allen Campbell a.k.a. Dick Campbell; Sondra Jane Campbell
July 18, 2007Alonzo Russell d.b.a. Guardian Angel Advisers; Linda Russell69706
July 18, 2007Perry Penny; Terry Penny; Penny Financial, Inc.; Penny Properties, Inc.69705
July 18, 2007Mutual Benefits Corporation69704
July 18, 2007Denise Leyshon 69703
July 18, 2007James W. Keaton, Jr.; Jennifer Keaton69702
July 18, 2007ACI Holdings, Inc.69701
June 6, 2007Phillip Robert Ohst; Mary Elizabeth Ohst69641
June 6, 2007
Janalee Ranney Sneva d.b.a. Sneva Alliance
May 1, 2007
John S. Mendibles; MGN Enterprises, Ltd.
May 1, 2007Trend Management Group, Inc.; Trend Capital, L.L.C. 69438
May 1, 2007
Easy Street Financial Group, Inc.; Scot Alan Oglesby; Lori Ann Oglesby; Christopher Ellis Marx


March 2, 2007Gary Wayne Hardy d.b.a. Hardy Asset Management; Hardy Asset Management69356
February 1, 2007Wachovia Capital Markets, L.L.C.69294
February 1, 2007David J. Leyshon d.b.a. Leyshon Capital Management d.b.a. Leyshon Capital Management, L.L.C. 69293
February 1, 2007Clinton Goff a.k.a. Clint Goff; Warren Exploration, L.L.C.69292
February 1, 2007William Melvin Hawkins; Meta Funding, L.L.C.69291
January 16, 2007James Whatcott; Rita Whatcott69236 
January 16, 2007Lucille Blitz69235
January 16,2007John Blitz69234
January 16, 2007Mid America Energy, Inc.; Mid-America Oil & Gas, L.L.C.; Gary M. Milby a.k.a. Gary Moss Milby a.k.a. Gary M. Milley; Energy Marketing, Inc.69233
November 14, 2006Christopher Ellis Marx 69126
November 14, 2006Scot Alan Oglesby; Lori Ann Oglesby 69125
November 14, 2006Easy Street Financial Group, Inc.69124
October 16, 2006
Agra-Technologies, Inc. a.k.a. ATI; William Jay Pierson a.k.a. Bill Pierson; Sandra Lee Pierson a.k.a. Sandy Pierson; Richard Allen Campbell a.k.a. Dick Campbell; Sondra Jane Campbell; William H. Baker, Jr. a.k.a. Bill Baker; Patricia M. Baker; Jerry Johnston Hodges; Lawrence Kevin Paille a.k.a. Larry Paille
September 12, 2006Thomas C. Messina a.k.a. Thomas Campbell Messina a.k.a. Tom C. Messina, and Donna M. Messina68942
September 12, 2006Lori Lee Spranger a.k.a. Lori Moriarty a.k.a. Lori Lee Levandowski a.k.a. Lori Gessel d.b.a. Vector 90 Debt Purchasing; Michael Moriarty d.b.a. Vector 90 Debt Purchasing68941
September 12, 2006Kenneth Duane Feldhacker68940
September 12, 2006Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.68939
August 7, 2006Michael Giannantonio (a.k.a. Michael David Turley) individually and d.b.a. Nitefire Entertainment; Karen Lynn Turley; Nitefire Entertainment; SummitStar Entertainment L.P. d.b.a. SummitStar Films and/or SummitStar Films & Entertainment68874
August 7, 2006Syndicated Gold Depository, S.A.68873
August 7, 2006Parklane International Corporation68872
June 26, 2006H. Jon Kunowski d.b.a. Precision Model and Design, Inc. d.b.a. Air Lase, Inc. d.b.a. American Innovative Research, Inc.68790
June 1, 2006Mark Alan Melkowski, Sr.; Eagle Communications, Inc.; Eagle One Financial & Tax, L.L.C.;. Ronald Lee Goble d.b.a. Southwest Trust & Financial; Roger Lancette d.b.a. National Estate Service and Planning and Senior Advisory Services; Gary L. Christian d.b.a. Cornerstone Senior Planning; Hyland A. Stokes and Estate Planning Protection, Inc.; Wallace Butterworth d.b.a. Butterworth Advisory Services and Senior Advisory Services; William E. Bergh d.b.a. National Financial, Group; World Wide Business Opportunities, L.L.C.68720
June 1, 2006David L. McMillan68717
June 1, 2006Robert K. Rehm68715
June 1, 2006Paul J. Meka; Carol Meka68714
March 6, 2006Arthur B. Cooper; Linda Ebinger-Cooper68511
March 6, 2006David John Palen68512
February 2, 2006WSK Energy, L.L.C. 68462
February 2, 2006Kevin H. Krause68461
February 2, 2006Kevin H. Krause68460
February 2, 2006Bruce R. Goldman d.b.a. Opulent Management Group d.b.a. Bravura Management Group, d.b.a. Zanadu Construction d.b.a. The Opulent Group; Opulent Properties, L.L.C. d.b.a. Opulent Properties; Mill Direct Flooring, L.L.C. d.b.a. Mill Direct Flooring; The Loan Xperts, L.L.C.68459
December 5, 2005Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. f.k.a. American Express Financial Advisors, Inc.68316
December 5, 2005Michael R. Brooks; Maria Brooks68315
November 8, 2005Brixon Group, L.t.d..; Joseph Wayne McCool a.k.a. Joe McCool; Donald John Manning a.k.a. Don Manning68270
October 25, 2005Listo, Inc.68230
October 25, 2005Waddell & Reed, Inc.68229
September 23, 2005Ronald Earl Pfingsten; Sharlene N. Pfingsten68161
September 23, 2005Christopher D. Dedmon; Kimberly Dedmon; Omni Horizon Group, L.L.P.68160
September 23, 2005Robert Timothy Watt a.k.a. Tim Watt; Centenarios Gold, Inc.68159
August 25, 2005Arkad Investment Services, Inc. d.b.a. Arkad Investment Services68099
August 25, 2005Steven Lee Hutchinson68098
August 25, 2005Terri A. Sheehy68097
August 25, 2005Terry Couch68096
August 25, 2005Worldwide Forex, Inc.68095
August 25, 2005Universal FX, Inc.68094
July 11, 2005Mark J. Sheehy67962
July 11, 2005Tierra Group, a.k.a. Tierra Group Properties, a.k.a. Tierra Group Companies, a.k.a. Tierra Group, Inc.; Preservation Trust Corporation a.k.a. Preservation Corporation, a.k.a. Preservation Trust Company; Partnership Preservation Trust, a.k.a. Preservation Trust Corporation Limited Partnership; Caterpillar Foundation Properties, a.k.a. Caterpillar Foundation Properties Limited Partnership; Rene L. Couch67961
June 9, 2005Gary R. Shannon67931
June 9, 2005Scott Erick Langfitt67930
June 9, 2005Roy R. Golladay, Jr. d.b.a. The Investment Group; Ester Golladay; Check and Send, Inc.67929
June 9, 2005M.A.C. Investments, Inc.; M.A.C. Investment Sales, Inc.; M.A.C. Investments Sales, Inc.; Maricruz Alvarado a.k.a. Mariacruz Alvarado a.k.a. Maricruz Albarado; Aldemaro Gonzales Gamez a.k.a. Aldemaro Gonzalez; Maria Elena Gonzalez; Kevin Polardi67928
May 26, 2005Tierra Group; Preservation Corporation; Partnership Preservation Trust; Caterpillar Foundation Properties Limited Partnership; Rene L. Couch67961
May 2, 2005Lonzo Archer67776
May 2, 2005 Thomas Weisel Partners, L.L.C.67774
March 29, 2005John E. Shannon; Rebecca F. Shannon67728
March 29, 2005Theodore A. Mietzner; Southwest Capital Advisors L.L.C.67726
February 25, 2005Samuel Isaiah Rodriguez; Golden Oak Marketing, Inc.67607
February 25, 2005John F. Klatt; Marilyn A. Klatt; Retirement Planning Center67606
February 25, 2005Deborah Lee Brugliera; Pristine Property & Investments, Inc.67605
February 25, 2005Troy S. Warren67604
February 25, 2005Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc.67603
January 31, 2005Victor Monroe Stockbridge67539
January 31, 2005David A. Fazio; Deborah Fazio; Fountain Capital Management L.L.C .67538
January 31, 2005Christopher S. Mee; Mee Diamond & Jewelry, Inc. d.b.a. Diamond Showcase67537
January 31, 2005Noel Eugene Cullison; Barbara Cullison; Solutions, Sources, & Consulting L.L.C.; Energy Savings Solution, Inc.67536
November 23, 2004Stephen A. Hiltbrand; Cheryl Hiltbrand67431
November 23, 2004James L. Oppenheimer; Sydney J. Oppenheimer67430
October 20, 2004Robert C. Frost; Robin Frost67357
October 20, 2004Rex E. Kuhn; Unity Financial, L.L.C. 67354
October 20, 2004Intersecurities, Inc.67353
October 20, 2004Helen C. Hartze67352
October 20, 2004HCH Enterprise, L.L.C.67351
August 24, 2004Multi Media Technology Ventures, Ltd. a.k.a. MMTV, Ltd.; Biltmore Group, Inc.; Graham Inch; C. Ronald Paxson a.k.a. Charles R. Paxson; Chris Corbett 67221
August 24, 2004Mark Kesler 67219
August 24, 2004Donald Abernathy; Helen Abernathy67218
August 24, 2004Intergrowth Financial Group; Roger Alvin Sande67217
August 24, 2004Richard A. Fandrich67215
June 29, 2004Wesley Karban Wyatt d.b.a. The Financial Greenhouse 67088
June 29, 2004Gregory Russell Brown; Karen Brown67087
June 29, 2004International Global Positioning, Inc.; John J. Madsen; Michael J. Coker67086
June 29, 2004Gary G. Johnson; Johnson Estate Planning Service, Inc.; Johnson Estate Planning Service L.L.P.67085
May 24, 2004James W. Dreos d.b.a. Dreos Financial Services; Esther Dreos66995
May 11, 2004Elliot Crosby66965
April 21, 2004Edmond L. Lonergan; Dolores Lonergan; Corporate Architects, Inc.66934
April 21, 2004Steven C. Bond; Cari A. Bond; B.B. Financial Benefits Group, Inc.66933
March 23, 2004Evelyn Baumgardner d.b.a. Your Living Trust; Michael Baumgardner66859
March 23, 2004Kathleen Whorley Sommer d.b.a. Sommer & Associates66858
February 5, 2004 Citigroup Global Markets Inc. f.k.a. Salomon Smith Barney Inc.66768
February 5, 2004Robert Shakman; Healthcare Purchasing Alliance, Inc.66767
February 5, 2004Chris Hugh Rutland66766
February 5, 2004Global Trusts L.L.C.; Clyde F. Wagnon; Martha E. Wagnon66765