How Do I Find Out If Old Stock Certificates
Are Worth Anything?
The Arizona Securities Division is not in a position to research the value of old stock certificates. However, the Division has provided the following steps to assist with your own research. Please note that the Arizona Securities Division is providing this information as a service to investors and does not endorse or recommend any of the companies or publications listed below:
  • Verify if the company is publicly traded on an exchange. If the company is publicly traded, you may find additional information and the companies electronic filings in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Edgar database.
  • See if a transfer agent is listed on the stock certificate or contact the company directly. You can contact the Secretary of State where the company was incorporated for information on the registration status, last known address, and statutory agent of the company. If the company is incorporated in Arizona, you can conduct a search online here.
  • Research the stock certificate at your local library. Helpful resources at the library include: Financial Stock Guide Service (contains an annually updated directory of active and obsolete securities), Robert D. Fisher Manual of Valuable & Worthless Securities, Moody’s Industrial Manual and Moody’s OTC Industrial Manual (provides history and background information on companies including mergers and acquisitions)
  • Contact a local stockbroker or banker to determine if the stock certificate has value.
  • Retain a third party company to conduct the research. A simple search with the Better Business Bureau for “collectible stock research” will provide a list of companies that may be able to assist. You may also use a web search engine to find additional companies by using similar search terms, “stock certificate research” or “old stock certificates”.