2012 News Releases 

December 11, 2012 
Commission Halts Unregistered Wind Energy and Gold Mining Investments and Orders Over $16.3 Million in Restitution

October 4, 2012
Commission Find Former Stockbroker-Adviser Defrauded Investors, Also Sanctions Others for Unregistered Investment Sales Activity

August 9, 2012
Commission Halts Wind Energy Investment Scheme Before It Spreads, Also Sanctions Others for Unregistered Investment Sales Activity

June 20, 2012
Commission Finds Florida Man Defrauded Investors with Stock Scam

April 12, 2012
Commission Halts Multiple Unregistered Real Estate Investment Programs, Also Fines Delaware Company for Unregistered Securities Offering

March 15, 2012
Commission Shuts Down Million-Dollar Real Estate Scam, Also Approves E*Trade ARS Settlement and Penalizes Sun Lakes Insurance Producer

February 23, 2012

Commission Orders Stop to Sales of an Unregistered Wind Energy Investment, Sanctions Brokers for Selling Unregistered Investment in Auto Export Co.

January 26, 2012
Commission Orders Over $4.94 Million for Defrauded Real Estate Investors, Penalizes Promoter of Unregistered Securities Offering in Software Company