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A. Petersen Water Co., Inc.

Abra Water Company, Inc.


Adaman Mutual Water Company

Aguila Water Services, Inc.

Ajo Improvement Company

Antelope Lakes Water Company, Inc.

Antelope Water Company

Anway Manville Water Company, LLC

Appaloosa Water Company

Arivaca Townsite Co-operative Water Company, Inc.

Arizona Water Company

Arroyo Water Company, Inc.

Ash Fork Water Service

Ashcreek Water Company

Aubrey Water Company

AVM-2005, LLC  

Avra Water Cooperative, Inc.

Baca Float Water Company

Bachmann Springs Utility Co.

Beardsley Water Company, Inc.

Beaver Dam Water Company, Inc.

Beaver Valley Water Company, Inc.

Bellemont Water Company

Bermuda Water Company, Inc.

Berneil Water Company

Biasi Water Company, Inc.

Bidegain water Company

Big Park Water Company

Bonita Creek Land and Homeowners Association

Boynton Canyon Enchantment Homeowners Association

Bradshaw Mountainview Water Company

Bradshaw Water Company

Brooke Water, LLC

Caballeros Water Company, Inc.

Cactus-Stellar Limited

Camp Verde Water Systems

Casa Grande South Water Company

Casa Grande West Water Company, Inc.

C-D Oasis Water Company

Cedar Grove Water Company, Inc.

Cerbat Water Company, Inc.

Chaparral City Water Company

Chaparral Water Properties, Inc. 

Chino Meadows II Water Company, Inc.

Cibola Mutual Water Company

Cienega Water Company, Inc.

Circle City Water Co., LLC

Citrus Park Water Co.

Clear Springs Utility Company, Inc.

Clearwater Utilities Company, Inc.

Cloud Nine Water Company, Inc.

Coldwater Canyon Water Company

Community Water Company of Green Valley

Cordes Lakes Water Company

Crown King Water Company

Dateland Public Service Co., Inc. 

Dateland Water, LLC

Desert Valencia Water, Inc. 

Diversified Water Utilities, Inc. 

Doney Park Water

Double Diamond Utilities, Inc.

Double R Water Distributors, Inc.

Dragoon Water Company, Inc.

DS Water Company

Eagletail Water Company 

East Slope Water Company

Eden Water Company, Inc.

El Prado Water Company, Inc.

Empirita Water Company, Inc. 

EPCOR Water Arizona, Inc.

Escapees at North Ranch

Far West Water & Sewer, Inc. 

Farmers Water Co.

Fisher's Landing Water and Sewer Works, LLC

Flagstaff Ranch Water Company, Inc.

Forest Highlands Water Company

Fort Mojave Tribal Utilities Authority

Francesca Water Company, Inc. 

Francisco Grande Utility Company

Gadsden Water Company, Inc.

Global Water - Picacho Cove Water Company, Inc.

Global Water-Santa Cruz Water Company

Golden Corridor Water Company 

Golden Shores Water Co.

Gonzalez Utility Services, LLC 

Goodman Water Company

Graham County Utilities, Inc.

Grand Canyon Caverns and Inn, LLC

Grandview Water Company, Inc.

Granite Dells Water Company 

Granite Mountain Water Company, Inc.

Granite Oaks Water Users Association 

Green Acres Water Company

Greenehaven Water Company, Inc.

Groom Creek Water User's Association

Halcyon Acres Annex No. 2 Water Company, Inc.

Halcyon Acres Water Users Association, Inc.

Harrisburg Utility Company, Inc.

Heckethorn Water Company

High Country Pines Water Company, Inc.

Hillcrest Water Company

Ho-Tye Water Company

Holiday Water Company

Humboldt Water Systems, Inc.

Hydro-Resources, Inc.

ICR Water Users Association, Inc.

Jackson Spring Estates Home and Property Owners Assoc.

Jake's Corner Water System

Johnson Utilities, L.L.C.

Joshua Valley Utility Company, Inc.

Katherine Resort Water Company

Kohl's Ranch Water Company

La Casita Water Company, Inc.

Lago Del Oro Water Company

Lagoon Estates Water Company

Lake Pleasant Water Company 

Lake Verde Warer Company Inc.

Lakewood Water Company

Las Quintas Serenas Water Company

Lazy C Water Service 

Liberty Utilities (Bella Vista Water) Corp. 

Liberty Utilities (Litchfield Park Water & Sewer) Corp.

Liberty Utilities (Rio Rico Water and Sewer) Corp.

Little Park Water Company

Livco Water Company

Loma Estates Water Co., LLC

Lord Arizona Water Systems, Inc.

Los Cerros Water Company

Lucky Hills Water Company

Lyn Lee Water Company

McAdams Water Company

McNeal Water Company

Meadow Water Company

Mescal Lakes Water Systems, Inc.

Michael's Ranch Water Users' Association

Mirabell Water Company, Inc.

Mohawk Utility Company

Monte Vista Water Co., L.L.C.

Montezuma Rimrock Water Company LLC

Morenci Water and Electric Company

Mormon Lake Water Co.

Morristown Water Company 

Mount Tipton Water Co., Inc.

Mountain Dell Water, Inc.

Mountain Glen Water Service, Inc.

Naco Water Company, LLC

Navajo Water Co., Inc.

Oak Creek Public Service, LLC

Oak Creek Utility Corporation

Oak Creek Water Co., No. 1

Oatman Water Company, LLC 

Park Water Company, Inc.

Parker Springs Water Company

Payson Water Company

Peeples Valley Water Company

Perkins Mountain Water Company

Picacho Peak Water Company

Picacho Water Company

Pima Utility Company

Pine Valley Water Company

Pinecrest Water Company, Inc.

Ponderosa Utility Corporation

Ponderosa Water, L.L.C. 

Pueblo Del Sol Water Company

Puesta del Sol Water Company

Q Mountain Mobile Home Park

Q Mountain Water Company

Quail Creek Water Company

Rancheros Bonitos Water Co., L.L.C.

Rancho Del Conejo Community Water Co-op, Inc.

Ray Water Company, Inc.

Red Rock Utilities, LLC

Ridgeview Utility Company 

Rillito Water Users Association

Rincon Water Company

Rio Verde Utilities, Inc.

Roosevelt Lake Resort, Inc.

Rose Valley Water Company

Saguaro Water Company 

Sahuarita Water Company, LLC

Salome Water Company

Sandario Water Company, Inc. 

Santa Rosa Water Company

Seven Canyons Water Company

Shangri-La Ranch

Shepard Water Company, Inc.

Sitgreaves Water Company

Sonoita Valley Water Company

South Rainbow Valley Water Co-op

Southland Utilities Company, Inc. 

Southwest Environmental Utilities, LLC

Spanish Trail Water Company

Spring Branch Water Company, Inc.

Starlight Water Company, Inc.

Sterling Water Company

Stoneman Lake Water Company, Inc.

Sulger Water Company #2

Sun Leisure Estates Utilities Company, Inc.

Sun Valley Farms Unit VI Water Co., Inc.

Sunizona Water Company

Sunland Water Company

Sunrise Utilities, L.L.C.

Sunrise Vistas Utilities Company

Sunrise Water Company

Tacna Water Management Company

Tall Pines Estates Water & Improvement Association, Inc.

The Sedona Venture Water Company

Thim Utility Co.

Thim Water Corporation

Tierra Buena Water Company, Inc.

Tierra Linda Water Company, Inc.

Tierra Mesa Estates Water Co. 

Tonto Basin Water Co., Inc.

Tonto Creek Water Company, LLC 

Tonto Village Water Company, Inc.

Tortolita Water Co., Inc. 

Truxton Canyon Water Company, Inc.

Tubac Water Company, Inc.

Turner Ranches Water & Sanitation Company

Twin Hawks Utility, Inc.

Utility Source, LLC

Utility Systems, LLC 

Vail Water Company

Valle Verde Water Company

Valley Pioneer's Water Company, Inc.

Valley Utilities Water Company, Inc. 

Valley View Water Company

Verde Lakes Water, Inc.

Verde Lee Water Co., Inc.

Vernon Valley Water, Inc. 

Virgin Mountain Utilities Company, Inc.

Viva Development Corporation

Voyager at White Mountain Lakes Water Company, Inc.

Voyager Water Company 

Walden Meadows Community Cooperative

Walnut Creek Water Company, Inc.


Water Utility of Greater Tonopah 

Water Utility of Northern Scottsdale

West End Water Co.

West Village Water Company

White Hills Water Co., Inc.

White Horse Ranch Owners Association, Inc.

White Mountain Water Company

Willow Lakes Property Owners Association, Inc.

Willow Springs Utilities, LLC

Winchester Water Company, L.L.C.

Winslow West Water Company, Inc.

Woodruff Water Company

Worden Water Company

Yarnell Water Improvement Association

Yucca Water Association, Inc.