Tariff Filings
Answers to Common Questions

To whom do we send our tariff filings?
Please mail all tariff filings to the attention of "Docket Control Center".

Docket Control Center
Arizona Corporation Commission
1200 West Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
(602) 542-3477

Are there any fees associated with making a tariff filing with the Commission?
No, there are no fees due when making a tariff filing with the Commission.
How many copies are required when making a tariff filing?
The Commission requires that you file an Original and 13 copies.
Does the Commission require us to submit a cover letter with our tariff filing?
A cover letter that briefly describes what is being requested is appreciated.
What should we use as the "Issue Date"?
The Issue Date should be the same as the date that the item is received in our office.
What should I use as the "Effective Date"?
Generally, the issue date of the Commission's final decision becomes the effective date. However, tariff filings that the Commission deems to be rate increases will not become effective until the Commission acts on these filing in a future Open Meeting. Therefore, the Company is not required to list an effective date on a filing. If the Commission deems the filing to not be a rate increase, then the effective date will be 30 days from the issue date.
We're making a name change filing. What do we need to file with the Commission?
Name change filings are considered a NEW matter. The Commission will need an Original and 13 copies of the entire tariff reflecting the new name.
We were just granted our Certificate of Convenience and Necessity. How do we file our initial tariffs?
This would be in compliance with a specific Order, and again, the Commission would require that you submit 13 copies and an original. In the cover letter for your submission of your initial tariffs, you must list the decision number that originally granted the Certificate of Convenience and Necessity. This will ensure that your tariff filing will be handled as a compliance filing in accordance with the CC&N decision. These filing will become effective within 30 days of the date they are received at the Commission.
How should we notify our customers when we are proposing an increase to our maximum rates for a particular service or group of services?
Companies should notify their customers 60 days in advance of the effective date of the maximum rate increase(s).
Customer notice may be provided in the form of a bill insert, bill message or direct mailing. Newspaper publication of customer notice will not meet noticing requirements.
The Commission has approved the following language for telecommunications companies to notify their customers when a company is proposing an increase to maximum rates:
(insert Company name) is proposing the following changes to its rates and charges:

(List proposed maximum and actual rate changes here and also list the maximum and actual rates currently in effect):




These changes may increase your total charge. These changes will be voted on at a future Open Meeting of the Arizona Corporation Commission (Commission). These changes will become effective only upon approval by the Commission. If you have any questions, please contact (insert Company contact name) at (insert Company contact phone number). If you have further questions, you may contact the Consumer Services Section of the Commission at 602-542-4251 or 1-800-222-7000 or you may go to its website at : www.azcc.gov

The notice must be in 12 point or larger font.
A copy of the actual notice must be supplied to the Commission at the time the filing is made.
The notice must be separate and distinct from any other notices or information supplied by the company.
What qualifies as a separate and distinct notice?
If your company is implementing other rate changes than the rate increase changes pending in your tariff filing at the ACC, then it should be clear to the customer which rate changes are pending at the ACC. This should be done by placing the different changes on separate pages.
For example, your company may decide to change its intrastate long distance per minute rate to be above the maximum rate. This tariff filing must be approved by the ACC and proper customer notice must be given. Your company may also decide to change the interstate long distance per minute rate. The ACC does not have jurisdiction over interstate charges, and this change would not require ACC approval. These two changes should not be listed on the same page in a customer notice. Two customer notices on separate pages should be supplied, one for the ACC and one for the other charges.
Companies have the ability to make changes that are in substantial compliance with this notice language in order to meet their individual needs. However, the recommended language is the benchmark the Commission will use to determine if appropriate notice has been given.
Are there certain aspects of this customer notice that companies must not change?
The notification that your company issues must contain the following:
  1. The notice must be in 12 point or larger font


  2. The statement that "These changes may increase your total charge" must occur immediately following the listing of the rate changes


  3. The statements that these changes are being "proposed" by the company and will not go into effect until approval by the ACC


  4. The company's contact phone number


  5. The ACC's 602 and 800 numbers


  6. The ACC's website
If a company does not comply with this notice requirement, then Staff will recommend denial of the application.