Anna Tovar

Arizona Corporation Commission Adopts Commissioner Anna Tovar's Protections for Customers from Shutoffs during Extreme Temperatures

For Immediate Release | 4-15-2021

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PHOENIX - Yesterday, the Arizona Corporation Commission adopted all five of Commissioner Anna Tovar's amendments to the termination of electric and gas service rules. Commissioner Tovar's proposals strengthened protections for customers from shutoffs during extreme temperatures. Specifically, Commissioner Tovar's amendments:

  • Prohibit electric utilities from shutting off electricity either (1) when the temperature is above 95 degrees, or (2) between June 1 and October 15th each year;
  • Require electric utilities work with stakeholders, nonprofits, community organizations, and public health agencies at the state, county, and local level to address issues facing heat-vulnerable populations and propose programs to target heat-related safety concerns;
  • Prohibit utilities from shutting off customers with past-due balances below $300 for electric and $100 for gas;
  • Require electric and gas utilities to allow one missed payment for customers on payment plans without a consequence so long as both the utility and customer are acting in good faith; and,
  • Allow companies to partner with third-party organizations, like social workers and nonprofits, for in-person shutoff notification and require utilities to keep pace with new communication advancements.

"Public safety and health were my top priorities. Extreme heat puts the most pressure on those who can least afford to protect themselves. These amendments try to lessen the health risk that results from shutting off electricity during Arizona's extreme summer heat. I collaborated with numerous stakeholders to find proactive solutions that address the root causes of heat-related illness and death," said Commissioner Tovar. "I am pleased the Commission agreed with my proposals and I believe these rules will be a win for all customers." 

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