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Limited Liability Companies

How do I form a limited liability company ("LLC")?

Can I form a nonprofit LLC?

Should I form a professional LLC?

Must the LLC have members?

Can the same person be the only member and the only manager?

What if my LLC has a "managing member"?

What is the difference between members and managers of an LLC?

What is "management structure"?

What is a manager-managed LLC?

What is a member-managed LLC?

What is an operating aggreement?

Does the operating agreement get filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission?

How do I change the address of the LLC?

How do I change members or managers?

How do I amend the articles of organization?

How do I move my LLC to another state?

How do I report a bankruptcy?

Who can sign documents for LLCs?

Statutory agent?

How do I get a Certificate of Good Standing?

How can I convert my LLC to a corporation?

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