General Electric Information

The Arizona Corporation Commission oversees the electric power industry in Arizona. To get power to your home or business, utilities or their affiliates provide power generation, high-voltage transmission and low-voltage distribution. Power can be purchased from another company or generated at a power plant owned and operated by a traditional utility. It then travels along high-voltage lines before it is "stepped down" to a lower voltage at a substation near your home or office. Distribution lines leaving the substation carry the power to your home or office.

The Arizona Corporation Commission does not have authority over electric service provided by a city or municipality, irrigation district, electric district or utilities operated by tribal authorities.

The following investor-owned and cooperative utilities are under the Commission's jurisdiction.

  • Ajo Improvement Company
  • Arizona Electric Power Cooperative
  • Arizona Public Service Company
  • Columbus Electric Cooperative
  • Continental Divide Electric Cooperative
  • Dixie Escalante Rural Electric Association
  • Duncan Valley Electric Cooperative
  • Garkane Power Association
  • Graham County Electric Cooperative
  • Mohave Electric Cooperative
  • Morenci Water and Electric
  • Navopache Electric Cooperative
  • Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative
  • Trico Electric Cooperative
  • Tucson Electric Power Company
  • UniSource Electric Company