Arizona Blue Stake

What is "Blue Staking?"
Blue Staking is the act of marking underground facilities such as electric, gas, water, telephone, cable or other underground facilities so that these networks are not damaged during excavation, trenching or digging activities. It is a state law that all underground facilities must be marked prior to excavation, trenching or other digging. The law is sometimes referred to as the Underground Facilities Law or, simply, the Blue Stake Law. (ARS Chapter 2, Article 6.3, Sections 40-360.21 through 40-360.32.)
Arizona Blue Stake is a damage prevention service offered free of charge to any individual or company planning to excavate. The Blue Stake Center is a one-call notification system established to assist excavators in locating all underground electric, gas, water, telephone or other lines prior to excavation.
How does the Blue Stake Center Work?
Before you dig underground, call the Arizona Blue Stake Center. Whether you're a homeowner or an experienced contractor, this is the safest way to prevent shocking or explosive surprises - surprises like underground electric, water, gas, cable or telecommunications lines. And it's the law! One call to the Arizona Blue Stake Center is all it takes and the utility will come out and mark the precise location of its lines for FREE.
Inside Maricopa County the number to call is 602-263-1100. Elsewhere in the state, the number is 1-800-STAKE-IT (800-782-5348).
What is the penalty for failure to comply?
Owners of underground facilities must locate and mark all their facilities at that location within 48 hours. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to $5000. You or a contractor cannot begin excavating until all utilities have been marked or be subject to a maximum fine of $5000.