Curtailments and Moratoriums


What is a curtailment?
A curtailment is an approved tariff that allows a utility company to request customers to reduce water consumption when the demand is greater than the production.
Under what conditions can a water company disconnect my service when a curtailment is in place?
Service may be disconnected under the following conditions:
  • Irrigation of outdoor lawns, trees, shrubs, or any plant life is prohibited.
  • Washing of any vehicle is prohibited.
  • The use of water for dust control or any outdoor cleaning uses is prohibited.
  • The use of drip or misting systems of any kind is prohibited.
  • The filling of any swimming pool, spas, fountains or ornamental pools is prohibited.
  • The use of construction water is prohibited.
  • Restaurant patrons shall be served water only upon request.
  • Any other water intensive activity is prohibited.


What is a moratorium?
Moratorium is a means for a water company to delay adding additional water meters for customers as of the result of lost of well production.
How long does a moratorium last?
It may last for months or years depending on the company's ability to restore existing wells to meet capacity or to find another water source.
Will a moratorium affect my usage?
No. A moratorium only is a means to limit additional meters.