eFiling of documents is now available in many Commission cases.
Effective May 1, 2019.


Filings can now be made electronically using the ACC Portal in cases involving the following:

  • Class C, D, and E Utilities
  • Generic Dockets
  • Pipeline Safety
  • Railroad Safety
  • Rulemaking Dockets
  • Securities
  • Telecommunications

To e-file, you must first set up an ACC Portal Account.  Then, each time you e-file a document, you must:

  1. Log into your ACC Portal Account,
  2. Select "eFile Documents,"
  3. Enter the full docket number in "Docket Number,"
  4. Select a Document Type and a Document Subcode (using your best judgment to characterize your filing),
  5. Include your name in "Filed By,"
  6. Enter the company/organization name (if you are filing on behalf of one) or your name (if not) in "Filed On Behalf Of,"
  7. Upload your document/s to be filed using the “Browse” function under "Upload Documents" (documents must be PDFs),
  8. Verify that you have not uploaded documents including confidential information, and
  9. Select "Submit."

After e-filing, you will receive two emails: one immediately acknowledging that you have e-filed, and a subsequent notice informing you whether your e-filing has been accepted or rejected. If your e-filing has been rejected, the email will explain the problem that needs to be corrected before you e-file the document/s again.

You do not need to file any paper copies of the documents that you successfully e-file.