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Docket Control Center Filing Requirements

All documents officially filed with the Corporation Commission must go through the Docket Control Center. Below are instructions to assist you when making paper filings. Documents to be filed with Docket Control may be filed during regular hours of operation in person at the Corporation Commission Offices in Phoenix or Tucson. They may also be submitted through mail or delivery to our Phoenix office. 

The Commission currently allows eFiling in most dockets. Additional eFiling information is available here.

Filing Requirements:

All Filings:


  1. Unless you are filing public comment or compliance to a decision, one original and the following number of copies must be provided, based on case type or filing type:
    1. Case involving a Class A, B, or C Utility: 13 copies
    2. Case involving a Class D or E Utility: 1 copy
    3. Case involving a Railroad or Pipeline Safety: 8 copies
    4. Case involving the Securities Division: 7 copies
    5. Rulemaking, Generic, or Miscellaneous Docket:
      1. If concerning Utilities or Commission Practice: 13 copies
      2. If concerning Railroads or Pipeline Safety: 8 copies
      3. If concerning Securities Division: 7 copies
    6. Case before the Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee: 25 copies
  2. If you are filing public comment, one original must be provided, regardless of case type.
  3. If you are filing compliance to a decision, one original and one copy must be provided, regardless of case type.
  4. The Docket number MUST appear on the first page of the original and each copy (if any copies are required).
    1. If the filing is a New Application, a blank space may be included for the Docket number, which is not yet assigned.
    2. If the filing is made in a Consolidated Docket, the filing may include only the first Docket number shown in the Public Notice or on the Procedural Order consolidating the Dockets, followed by “et al.” (and the other Docket numbers may be omitted).
  5. Each copy must be properly collated.
  6. No confidential or proprietary information may be included in the filing.
    1. It is the filing person’s responsibility to remove or redact any confidential or proprietary information that would not be appropriate for public view.
    2. If you need to provide confidential information to the Judge (Hearing Division) or Staff (Utilities Division or Safety Division), you must make prior arrangements to do so with the Hearing Division or Legal Division.
  7. Each filing must be made using paper no larger than 8 ½” x 11.” However, larger courtesy copies of maps or other detailed documents may be provided for distribution to the Commission. Please contact Docket Control at 602-542-3477 for more information.
  8. Each filing made by a party or potential party to an existing Docket that is not a generic or rulemaking docket must be served on each party to the Docket, and the filing should include a Certificate of Service showing that this service is being or has been made.
    1. The parties for a Docket are shown on eDocket in the Service List tab for the Docket.
    2. If a party has consented to receive Service by Email (“Email Opt-in” is checked), you may provide the party service using the email address/es shown on the Service List.
    3. The Certificate of Service must list each party to whom service is being made, with the address used for the party, and the following (or substantially similar) language:
      “I hereby certify that I have this __[date]__ day of ______[Month]_________, 20_[yr]_, served the foregoing document/s on all parties of record in this proceeding, as listed below or on the attached service list consisting of _[#]__ pages, by __________[method/s of service]__________________.
      By: _________________________________
      Signature [of person providing service]

      Name and Title of person providing service”
    4. While your filing will not be rejected if you fail to include a Certificate of Service, the ALJ may not be able to take any action in response to your filing without an assurance that service has been made on all parties. Thus, failure to include a Certificate of Service may cause delay.

If you have any questions concerning the filing of documents, please call Docket Control at 602-542-3477.

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