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Joint Hazardous Materials Inspection


For Immediate Release | 6-12-19

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On Wednesday, June 12, The Arizona Corporation Commission took part in a joint operation with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Federal Railroad Administration to conduct a regulatory inspection on hazardous materials containers and trailers moving via railroad in Glendale.

The Railroad Safety division led the inspection which involved checking hazardous materials containers and trailers for risky cargo such as fireworks, pool chemicals and lighters.

Commission Staff examined shipments of hazardous materials on the railroad for compliance with the applicable federal regulations. The inspection consisted of examining trailers and containers for proper loading, segregation and securement of hazardous materials cargo as well as proper classification and hazardous materials paperwork.

This inspection was a preventive measure that stretches beyond the tracks. Geoffrey McCormick, Railroad Safety Supervisor/Program Manager and Senior Railroad Safety Inspector - Hazardous Materials said,

“All of the trucks we saw are going to be out on Arizona’s roads and highways here in phoenix and all over the state. Anytime you have a hazardous materials incident, its bad immediately for the driver and other motorists on the road. Being exposed to hazardous materials is a bad thing, so the goal is to find issues and solve them before they get out on the roads in the public where they can cause a hazard to the motorist and the public.”

During FY 2016-2017, the Railroad Safety division inspected more than 1,500 hazardous materials tank cars and nearly 100 freight containers.

According to the Association of American Railroads, in 2018, more than 99.999% of rail hazardous material (hazmat) shipments reached their destination without a release caused by a train accident, which can be attributed to robust regulations, ongoing inspection and enforcement activity implemented by technically oriented regulatory agencies such as the Federal Railroad Administration and the Arizona Corporation Commission and functional partnerships and cooperation with all transportation stakeholders.

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