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Clean Energy Ahead

For Immediate Release | 07-02-20
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Phoenix — Arizona electricity consumers are at a point in time where they will have the opportunity to use and realize the benefits of the shift from fossil fuels to ”clean” electric energy. In addition, the opportunity to convert from the overly expensive captured consumer monopoly model to a money saving customer choice model is also now possible.

With the multitude of clean energy producers now serving the power generation market, the transition to a customer choice model would put customers in control of improved services and lower costs for their energy.

Currently, the Arizona Corporation Commission is responsible for setting energy policy for the state; with the responsibility of assuring just and reasonable rates by Arizona’s regulated monopoly utilities.

The Commission is currently debating both the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy and the adoption of a customer choice model.

Energy delivery to consumers is governed by the energy rules that the Commission develops and approves.

A proposal will be on an upcoming open meeting agenda for debate to:

1. Update and modernize the integrated resource planning process used by the utilities to procure and meet customer demand, by including a requirement for an “All Source Request For Proposal” (ASRFP) to assure the best service at the lowest cost for consumers.

2. Set the standard for energy efficiency/demand side management programs (EE/DSM) to 35% by 2030.

3. Set a standard to achieve 100% clean energy production by 2050, with a renewable energy component of 50% by 2035 and a distributed energy resource (rooftop/storage etc. -DER) component of 10% by 2030.

By combining the ASRFP with standards for EE/DSM, “clean” energy and DER, Arizona will be creating construction jobs in these very important industries as we clean up our atmosphere.

It is also my hope and desire that the Commission can continue the debate on the customer choice model and that a majority of the Commission can come to an agreement on a plan that will put consumers in control of their power generation choices.

Bob Burns, current Chairman of the Arizona Corporation Commission, has served the State of Arizona for over 30 years, spending 20 years in the state legislature and two years on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors before becoming a Corporation Commissioner. He's spent his time in public life protecting Arizona taxpayers and ensuring that the state stays on the forefront of emerging technologies and energy efficiency. Chairman Burns is currently the longest serving member of the Arizona Corporation Commission, beginning his tenure in January of 2013.

The Arizona Corporation Commission was established by the state’s constitution to regulate public utilities and business incorporation. The Corporation Commission is Arizona’s co-equal, fourth branch of government. The five Commissioners elected to the Corporation Commission oversee executive, legislative, and judicial proceedings on behalf of Arizonans when it comes to their water, electricity, telephone, and natural gas resources as well as the regulation of securities, pipeline, and railroad safety. To learn more about the Arizona Corporation Commission and its Commissioners, visit

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