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Arizona Corporation Commission Now Accepts New Out of State and International Business Filings Electronically

For Immediate Release | 07-21-20

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Phoenix — The agency responsible for receiving and approving or rejecting new business filings in Arizona is now accepting filings related to the incorporation and organization of new corporations and limited liability companies electronically. As of July 13, 2020, representatives of out of state and international businesses that are looking to establish a new “foreign” business in Arizona (businesses coming from outside of Arizona) for themselves or a client can now file for the business online, streamlining the process and making it easier to do business in the state.


Foreign Formation Improvements


Historically, if you represented a business coming from another state or country and you wanted to do business in Arizona, you were required to submit a paper application with the Arizona Corporation Commission in order to file for your business. As of July 13, 2020, however, individuals representing foreign businesses (businesses coming from outside of Arizona) can file for their business electronically, through the Commission’s online portal, “eCorp.” These new improvements for foreign business formations include a streamlined approach and accessibility to several foreign related documents, including Application for Authority, Amendment to Application for Authority, Foreign Registration Statement and Amendment to Foreign Registration Statement.


Combined with the Commission’s two-hour document processing service and “same-day/next-day” services, these online features will not only aid entrepreneurs and institutional investors with their ambitions of doing business in Arizona, but also reduce paper consumption and bureaucracy for attorneys and statutory agents who interact with the Commission on their clients’ behalf, improving and modernizing the overall customer experience.




In December 2019, the Commission unanimously approved the implementation of “same-day/next-day” services, which improves the customer experience by offering the following highly accelerated document processing times to customers:


  • A two-hour service for $400
  • A same-day service for $200
  • A next-day service for $100


Seven months following its inception, data demonstrates that customers are widely taking advantage of the accelerated filing options as they become better known to the public.


Global Statutory Address Changes


In addition, a new and improved method to the way changes can be made to statutory agent addresses has arrived. A new online feature allows for global changes to be made to the addresses of statutory agents for numerous businesses all at once.


Now, with the Commission’s new online feature, if there is an address change to a statutory agent that affects multiple businesses, the address change can be done on a global scale, all at once, rather than submitting separate applications for each change, which was previously required.


The change will not only reduce time commitments for attorneys and statutory agents, but also reduce costs for their clients, making it more affordable to start a business and close deals in Arizona.



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