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Commissioner Tovar Leads Bipartisan Effort to Bring Community Solar to Arizona

PHOENIX – Yesterday, the Arizona Corporation Commission approved Commissioner Tovar’s proposal to bring competitive community solar options to Arizona Public Service Company’s customers. The proposal requires the formation of a workgroup to examine the best practices from around the country, establish the mechanics, implementation, and operational details of an APS community solar program and assist Commission Staff as it prepares a proposed program for the Commission to consider at the November 2022 Open Meeting. The workgroup will include representatives from our utilities, the Commission, the Residential Utility Consumer Office, solar organizations, low-income and residential advocates, solar and storage industry representatives, and other interested stakeholders.

This competitive community solar program should offer a way for residential, low-income, schools, municipalities, and small businesses to access solar energy even if they can’t afford rooftop solar. “My hope is that a competitive community solar program will give APS customers more flexibility and choice in meeting their energy needs,” said Commissioner Tovar. “I look forward to considering the proposed program in November.” 

Commissioner Tovar’s community solar amendment may be found on the Commission’s website here. You can view today’s proceedings and community solar vote on the Commission’s website archives here. If you are interested in participating in the community solar workgroup, please contact Commissioner Tovar’s office. 

For more information on the community solar workgroup and to follow the process as it develops, please visit the community solar generic docket on the Commission’s website here

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