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ACC Chairwoman Lea Márquez Peterson Opens New Docket to Track Clean Energy Progress in Arizona

PHOENIX – Arizona Corporation Commission Chairwoman Lea Márquez Peterson on Tuesday opened a new docket to track the progress of Arizona electric utilities toward achieving a transition to clean energy.


Chairwoman Márquez Peterson supports 100% clean energy by 2050 as an overarching goal for Arizona’s electric utilities. She has adopted a personal policy statement to embody this goal and ensure that the steps taken in furtherance of achieving 100% clean energy are safe and reliable for the grid and affordable for customers. (Chairwoman Márquez Peterson’s Personal Policy Statement)

Each of Arizona’s largest electric utilities, including APS, TEP, and SRP, have committed to achieving voluntary clean energy objectives. (Arizona Electric Utilities Voluntarily Commit to 100% Clean Energy)

New Docket:

Chairwoman Márquez Peterson continues to support 100% clean energy as an overarching goal for the state and recognizes that, in the absence of adopting new energy rules, there is no central location to track utilities’ progress toward achieving their voluntary clean energy commitments.

In light of the absence, on June 7 Chairwoman Márquez Peterson filed a letter opening a new docket and calling on fellow commissioners, utilities, and members of the public to support her in using the docket to track utilities’ progress toward achieving a clean energy transition together. (Letter from Chairwoman Márquez Peterson Opening the New Docket)

The new docket (Docket No. E-00000A-22-0149) “Arizona Corporation Commission Docket for the Purpose of Tracking Arizona Investor-Owned Utilities’ Progress Toward Achieving 100 Percent Clean Energy in Arizona” can be found online at the Commission’s website (Link to New Docket)

“Individual commissioners and other Arizona leaders continue to support the move to 100% clean energy,” said Chairwoman Márquez Peterson.

“We realize that the Commission as a state agency is lacking a central location where members of the public can go to find and track our utilities’ progress toward achieving these goals. But, with the creation of this new docket, Arizonans will have the ability to watch the progress of our utilities over time as we work to achieve our clean energy goals together.”

“With this docket, it is my intent to track utilities’ progress and hold them accountable to the public as they strive to achieve their voluntary clean energy commitments while maintaining the safety and reliability of the grid and affordability of rates along the way.”

“With greater demand for clean energy, we can help to attract economic growth and prosperity to our state for years to come.”


A link to the new docket (Docket No. E-00000A-22-0149) can be found here.

A link to Chairwoman Márquez Peterson’s letter opening the new docket can be found here.

A link to Chairwoman Márquez Peterson’s personal policy statement can be found here.

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