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Lea Márquez Peterson Appointed to National Nuclear Energy Subcommittee

PHOENIX - On July 27, Chairwoman Lea Márquez Peterson of the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) was appointed to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Subcommittee on Nuclear Issues.

NARUC is a national association of state utility commissioners, such as those serving on the ACC. The Subcommittee on Nuclear Issues brings together utility commissioners, nuclear plant operators, and stakeholders such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and Department of Energy (DOE) to lead on issues that impact nuclear power generation and waste disposal across the 50 states.

According to Chairwoman Lea Márquez Peterson, nuclear power represents an essential component of Arizona’s energy mix. It also generates electricity without the use of fossil fuels or greenhouse gas emissions, making it consistent with efforts to decarbonize the energy sector.

“Arizona is home to the largest nuclear power plant in the nation,” said Chairwoman Márquez Peterson. “The Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station generates 30 percent of Arizona’s electricity and composes as much as 70 percent of the state’s clean energy mix. It represents a critical part of our state’s energy infrastructure and is essential to maintaining safe and reliable power at affordable rates as we transition to a cleaner energy economy.”

Customers of Arizona Public Service Company and Salt River Project currently receive power from Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.

In California, nuclear plants have been shutting down. The state’s last power plant, Diablo Canyon, is scheduled to close in 2025. As a result, customers in that state are facing potential energy shortfalls and rolling blackouts in 2025.

Chairwoman Lea Márquez Peterson was appointed to the Subcommittee due to her concern for electric reliability in Arizona and her interest in new, advanced nuclear energy technology, such as small modular reactors, fusion, and the opportunity to pair hydrogen production with the operation of existing nuclear power plants, such as Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.

“With the development of new nuclear technology, I believe nuclear energy will not only play a vital role in Arizona’s journey toward clean energy but also be essential to the future reliability and affordability of the electric grid,” said Chairwoman Márquez Peterson.

“I look forward to participating on the national subcommittee for nuclear issues and ensuring that Arizona’s interests in nuclear power are protected as we seek new opportunities for developing this source of clean and reliable energy.”

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