News Release

Open Meeting Highlights - March 7

The Arizona Corporation Commissioners voted on 12 matters, including electric and water utilities, railroad, and securities items. Highlights from the meeting include: 

Policy for Competitive Community Solar and Energy Storage Projects Established

The Arizona Corporation Commission issued the order to implement phase I of a utility-managed opt-in Community Solar Program on a 4-1 vote. Community Solar provides benefits multiple individuals who lease or buy energy from an off-site array if they are unable to install solar panels for themselves. Solar advocates, including utilities and consumers, participated in a stakeholder process since May of 2022. Phase II of the Community Solar implementation will review additional commission policies, including cost recovery, deferred payment arrangements, consolidated billing, implementation cost, and consumer protections. This program will prioritize low- and medium-income ratepayers but will also benefit residential customers and organizations like faith-based groups, schools, and non-profits.

All documents related to this agenda item can be found in the Corporation Commission's online docket and entering docket number E-00000A-22-0103.

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