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Commissioner Nick Myers Asks EPCOR and Scottsdale about Rio Verde Foothills Solution

Phoenix— Commissioner Myers docketed a letter today asking EPCOR and the City of Scottsdale (“City”) whether they have had discussions to provide standpipe water service to the Rio Verde Foothills community (“RVFC”).

EPCOR has outlined for the Commission four possible standpipe options. According to EPCOR and Commission Staff’s Engineering Report, the two most cost-effective options involve EPCOR using the City’s system and/or existing standpipe. EPCOR would provide the water and would compensate the City for treatment and wheeling services. 

EPCOR’s proposed solution is the most expensive of the four possible options, but EPCOR states the other three options do not appear to be viable alternatives.

“The Commission has a constitutional duty to establish ‘just and reasonable rates’ for the customers of the public service corporations it regulates. Therefore, the Commission must always evaluate the cost effectiveness of proposals under its consideration,” said Commissioner Myers, “that is why as I continue to evaluate EPCOR’s application to provide standpipe water service, I want to make sure more cost-effective options have been properly explored.”

The hearing for EPCOR’s application before the Commission to provide standpipe water service to the RVFC begins on April 10. Commissioner Myers requested responses by April 7. 

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