News Release

Arizona Corporation Commission Led by Executive Director Doug Clark

Douglas R. Clark has been named the new Executive Director of the Arizona Corporation Commission. Doug Clark and his wife relocated to Arizona over the weekend of April 1st, leaving behind his home of 27 years in Nebraska. He brings an entrepreneurial spirit that will propel the Commission to meet the needs of Arizona’s growing population.

“We have a great story to tell, and I want to start with how important the Commission is to the wellbeing of the citizens and the state’s economy. I look forward to meeting new people and working on new challenges.” Clark said, as he recalled his professional experience assisting companies in adopting liquid and compressed natural gas to reduce operational costs and improving emissions profiles of utility companies.

Director Clark served as the City of Bellevue’s Public Works Director after previously serving as the President of Metropolitan Utilities District and as Vice President at Tensaka, Inc. He has extensive experience leading large institutions, multi-million dollar budgets, and rebuilding critical infrastructure.

Director Clark is eager to secure an increased budget allocation for the Commission that will enable it to replace the eCorps digital filing system for a modern software platform and increase staffing levels to increase rate case completions, operate with fully staffed divisions, and retain qualified staff.


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