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Staff Open Meeting Highlights - May 1

Modifications to Rules of Procedure Considered

The Commissioners discussed Amended Robert's Rules of Order for the conduct of Commission meetings. They also discussed a process for public comment during the Open Meetings. The Commission made it a point to state that these rules are not intended to prevent the public from participating in the Commission's Open Meetings but rather to provide structure for the meetings that enable fair and equitable participation by the public. They will not apply during rate proceedings. These rules are being created to codify the practices currently in place that have been abused by some participants. Commissioners will review a revised draft that incorporates the discussion points made by the Commissioners today and a possible vote to adopt will be held at the next scheduled Staff Open Meeting.


Appointment of Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee Members

Congratulations to the newly appointed members of the Line Siting Committee! This appointment is a recognition of their expertise and dedication to ensuring the responsible siting of power plants and transmission lines in our state. Together, they will guide the siting and permitting process. We thank our existing committee members for their service to the people of Arizona in this critical capacity. The next scheduled hearing of the Committee is on May 15th.

Six members appointed by the Arizona Corporation Commission to each serve a term of two years, expiring in 2025:


Joseph Britain, P.E. represents the General Public

Scott Somers, PhD, represents Cities & Towns

Margaret "Toby" Little represents the General Public

David Kryder, PhD, represents Agriculture

Roman Fontes represents the Counties

Paul Winter, P.E., represents the General Public


Commissioners' Recent Conference Learnings on Energy and Water Issues

The Commissioners shared their participation in conferences, boards, and committees on which they serve on behalf of the Commission. Commissioner Lea Márquez Peterson attended the US Hispanic Chamber Energy Summit and heard from David Wright, former NARUC president, on the necessary reforms to support new nuclear power. She also participated in the NARUC-NASEO nuclear state collaborative where utility commissioners from other states shared regulatory experiences with respect to siting and regulating nuclear power plants. A shared learning repository is being created for this important collaboration. Commissioner Anna Tovar attended the National Association of Water Companies, where she appreciated the intimate forums that allowed for discussions on water issues. Commissioner Kevin Thompson also participated in the NAWC conference, and visited the Palo Verde Generating Station and had the unique experience of going into the containment area during refueling. These conferences and visits provide valuable insights and knowledge to the Commissioners, which they can then bring back to the Commission to improve their decision-making processes.

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