News Release

$13 Million Funding Boost for Employee Recruitment and Retention and to Energize Systems at Arizona Corporation Commission

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is responsible for the regulation of public utilities, the incorporation of businesses and organizations, securities regulation, and railroad/pipeline safety. They have achieved a significant bipartisan victory by securing a $13 million increase in agency funding, without tapping into Arizona’s General Fund dollars. This critical development will aid in the ACC's ongoing mission to modernize and improve efficiency.

Executive Director Doug Clark extended his gratitude to the state legislature and governor for their commitment to a more efficient Commission. “This funding will empower us to replace outdated systems, enhancing our service and operational efficiency for the benefit of our customers and ratepayers," he stated.

The Fiscal Year 2024 budget request was adopted in a unanimous vote of the ACC, and each of the individual commissioners worked with state lawmakers and the Governor to obtain this critical funding.

The ACC's achievement underscores the importance of unified, bipartisan efforts by the Commissioners, demonstrating a commitment to efficiency, improved employee conditions, and overall agency enhancement.

ACC Chairman Jim O’Connor praised legislative leaders, particularly the House and Senate Appropriations Chairmen, Representative David Livingston and Senator John Kavanagh, and highlighted the Commissioners' shared goal of propelling the ACC forward. “Commissioners are united in our goal of enhancing agency efficiency, improving employee morale, and moving the Corporation Commission from the bottom tier nationally in processing utility rate cases to the top,” stated Chairman O’Connor.

The budget package provides $6 million for staffing increases and a raise in employee salaries. The remaining $7 million will be used to replace the outdated eCorps computer system, integrating it with the Business One Stop online portal, thus providing users with round-the-clock access to vital information and streamlined business services.

This funding boost underscores the ACC's commitment to efficiency, transparency, and stakeholder engagement. Executive Director Clark will oversee the implementation of these improvements, with the public actively invited to provide feedback on the new systems.

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