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Modernizing Arizona’s Legacy Business Archive

The Arizona Corporation Commission Corporations’ Division celebrates a groundbreaking achievement in its collaboration with the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. Originally setting a goal to digitize 3.5 million microfiche images from 1912-1980, the project has successfully digitized over 4 million images from microfiche records, some of which predate Arizona’s statehood. These images have been through a conversion process using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, making the records fully searchable. This partnership, aimed at promoting online public exploration and utilization of historical record collections, preserves the life of Arizona's microfiche records in perpetuity.

The Commission uses eCorp, an intuitive database that is catalogued by business entity names. This resource is available to business professionals, historians, and the public at large. Part of its mission is to preserve Arizona’s extensive business heritage by providing free online access to our digital records.

To access a respective entity’s document history, microfiche images are converted to a single PDF and stored under the document history tab within eCorp. To locate records, simply enter the entity name, navigate to the document history tab, and select the “Microfiche” link.

We invite the public to delve into eCorp and explore the archives of some pioneering companies including:

Arizona Lumber & Timber Company: A pillar in Northern Arizona's timber industry, founded under the Territory of Arizona laws

Southwest Airlines, Inc.: Trace the origins of this now major airline in its early days of operation

River Farms, Inc.: Journey through the agricultural prowess and contributions of this enterprise

Southwest Meat Co., Inc.: Explore the rich legacy of a Yuma-based company that bolstered Arizona’s meat industry

Thunderbird Freight Lines, Inc.: Step back in time and witness the transportation sector’s evolution

“We regard this grant as a defining moment in our ongoing dedication to preserving and digitizing Arizona’s business chronicles,” stated Corporations Division Director, Tanya Gibson. “Our gratitude goes out to the National Archives; this initiative underscores our mission to make history both enduring and accessible.”

Located in Phoenix, the Corporations Division authorizes foreign corporations to conduct business in the state. Additionally, it oversees the filing of articles of organization, incorporation, and annual reports for Arizona businesses. Entrusted with business records predating Arizona’s statehood, the Division continues to streamline in-state business activities and preserve its business archives for public viewing, regulatory purposes, and informing forthcoming generations.

For an in-depth look at the Corporations Division, please visit their website at or call the customer service line at (602) 542-3026.

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) is affiliated with the National Archives to support the preservation and publication of documents created in every medium ranging from quill pen to computer, relating to the history of the United States.


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