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Commissioner Tovar Votes Against Significant Rate Increase for Tucson Electric Power

Phoenix, Ariz. — Commissioner Anna Tovar voted against a rate increase for Tucson Electric Power’s residential customers at the August 8, 2023 open meeting of the Arizona Corporation Commission. “I believe the Commission took us backwards with this decision,” said Commissioner Tovar, “We have an obligation to think of more than just the utility’s bottom line; we must also look out for the customers. I don’t think this decision was in the best interest of customers.”

Commissioner Tovar proposed two amendments that she believes would have prioritized customers over shareholders, and both were rejected. The first would have limited TEP’s return on equity to 9.27% instead of the 9.55% adopted by the Commission. The second would have removed a significant portion of the TEP’s fuel adjustor mechanism which would have reduced one of the largest fees on a customer’s bill. 

Commissioner Tovar also opposed several amendments that were ultimately approved by the Commission. She noted, “I am here to support common sense solutions for ratepayers. I opposed eliminating electric vehicle price signals that push charging to times when it is best for the grid. I opposed cutting an energy efficiency pilot program designed to help customers better control their bills.”

“I also couldn’t support measures that placed additional burdens on our citizens. I opposed payment processing fees that would disproportionally fall on low-income customers. I also opposed closing the door on coal community transition funds that would have assisted the tribes and communities who produced the power that built Arizona.”

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