AZ Corp. Comm. Podcasts

  • Meet Commissioner Justin Olson
    Hear from the Commission's newly appointed Commissioner. Commissioner Justin Olson talks about his vision for his new post.
  • Railroad safety week
    Railroad Section Supervisor Chris Watson discusses important rail road safety tips during "National Rail Safety Week" which is Sept 24-30.
  • Monitoring Investor
    ACC's Terri Alexon has advice in the second part of a two part series on choosing and monitoring investment professionals. In this podcast she has tips on what to look for while monitoring their work.
  • Resolving conflicts with your utility company
    The ACC's Consumer Services gets results by helping thousands of customers resolve complaints over their utility services and billing. Hear from Manager Connie Walczak on what you can do when you need help solving a dispute with a utility.
  • Elijah Abinah Shares Recent Trip to Uganda 
    Our Utilities Division Director, Elijah Abinah recently traveled to Uganda to provide consulting services in the midst of their current utilities crisis. Listen as he shares his insight into current global energy problems as well as providing feedback on his meaningful collaboration with other agencies.
  • "Railroad Safety"  
    Listen in as we interview our Safety Division Director, John Mazza about railroad safety prevention measures happening here at the Corporation Commission.
  • "Protect AZ"  
    New Podcasts by the Arizona Corporation Commission to empower you with  information on issuses that impact your community.  First Podcast is "Protecting against fraud" Securities Division's Investor Education Coordinator, Terri Alexon, offers tips on how to recognize fraud, check to see if an investor salesperson is legitimate, and how to report  a scam.