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Local Number Portability

What is local number portability?

Local number portability makes it possible to change telephone providers within the same local coverage areas without having to get a new phone number.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has passed a ruling that makes it possible to keep the same wireless telephone number when you change carriers. The requirement takes effect November 24, 2003 in the 100 largest metropolitan areas. Elsewhere, carriers have until May 24, 2004 to implement local number portability.

For the first time ever, many customers will be able to switch to a different wireless service provider without changing telephone numbers. You may also be able to "port" your home telephone number over to a wireless provider.

Will I need to get a new wireless phone?

Maybe. There are several different technologies that different wireless providers use. If you old phone is not compatible with the new provider's network, you may need to get a new handset.

I live in Phoenix but I'm moving to Bisbee. Can I keep my Phoenix number and switch my service to Bisbee?

This may be possible at some point in the future but, for the time being, the answer is no. Without getting too technical, numbers are typically allocated to a specific geographic area because of the way calls are routed. New technology makes it possible to move between nearby communities -- say between Peoria and Glendale -- often without changing phone numbers.

Many experts predict that the geographic identity associated with area codes and local phone numbers will be meaningless if and when people can take their local phone number anywhere they move.

Does the Arizona Corporation Commission regulate this?

No. This is a federal regulation that applies to all carriers. The FCC has created a helpful website that you should visit before making any changes to your local or wireless services. Review these tips at

Whom do I call if I have a complaint?

Contact the FCC through the website above or call 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322).


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