Electric Company Annual Report

Ajo Improvement Company (E-01025A):

Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. (E-01773A):

Arizona Public Service Company (E-01345A):

Calpine Energy Solutions, LLC (E-03964A) Formerly Noble Americas Energy Solutions:

Columbus Electric Cooperative, Inc. (E-01851A):

Dixie-Escalante Rural Electric Association, Inc. (E-02044A):

  • 2013 (pdf, 772 KB)
  • 2014 (pdf, 1683 KB)
  • 2015 (pdf, 3879 KB)
  • 2016 (pdf, 3643 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 1963 KB)

Duncan Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc. (E-1703A):

Garkane County Electric Cooperative, Inc. (E-01891A):

Graham County Electric Cooperative, Inc. (E-01749A):

  • 2013 (pdf, 2003 KB)
  • 2014 (pdf, 1947 KB)
  • 2015 (pdf, 2890 KB)
  • 2016 (pdf, 1553 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 1348 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1985 KB)

Mohave Electric Cooperative, Inc. (E-01750A):

Morenci Water and Electric Company (E-01049A):

Navopache Electric Cooperative, Inc. (E-01787A):

Noble Americas Energy Solutions, LLC (E-03964A) Formerly Sempra Energy Solutions, LLC:

Southwest Transmission Cooperative, Inc. (E-04100A) Merged with AEPCO per Decision 74591:

Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (E-01575A):

Trico Electric Cooperative, Inc. (E-01461A):

Tucson Electric Power Company (E-01933A):

UNS Electric, Inc. (E-04204A):

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