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Water Company Annual Reports

H2O, Inc. (W-02234A) 9-23-13 Sold to Town of Cave Creek and cancelled per Decision 74085:

Hacienda Acres Water System (W-02258A) 6-20-12 Transferred to Maricopa Mountain Domestic Water Improvement District per Decision 73233:

Halcyon Acres Annex No. 2 Water Company, Inc. (W-02312A):

Halcyon Acres Water Users Association (W-01953A):

Harrisburg Utility Company, Inc. (W-02169A):

Heckethorn Water Company (W-03782A):

  • 2015 (pdf, 1459 KB)
  • 2016 (pdf, 1850 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 711 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1771 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 1023 KB)

High Country Pines Water Company, Inc. (W-02448A):

Hillcrest Water Company (W-02128A):

  • 2015 (pdf, 1573 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 575 KB)

Holiday Water Company (W-01896A):

Ho-Tye Water Company (W-03340A):

Humboldt Water Systems, Inc. (W-02197A):

Hydro-Resources, Inc. (W-20770A):

ICR Water Users Association (W-02824A):

  • 2015 (pdf, 1546 KB)
  • 2016 (pdf, 2483 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 740 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1755 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 1291 KB)

Jackson Spring Estates Home and Property Owners Association (W-02486A):

Jake's Corner Water System (W-04249A):

Joshua Valley Utility Company (W-02023A):

Katherine Resort Water Company (W-01751A):

  • 2015 (pdf, 1556 KB)
  • 2016 (pdf, 1373 KB)

Kohl's Ranch Water Company (W-02886A):

La Casita Water Company, Inc. (W-02542A):

Lago Del Oro Water Company (W-01944A):

Lagoon Estates Water Company (W-01825A):

Lake Pleasant Water Company (W-02452A):

Lake Verde Water Company (W-01557A):

Lakewood Water Company (W-01809A):

  • 2015 (pdf, 1735 KB)
  • 2016 (pdf, 1283 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 646 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1646 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 5045 KB)

Las Quintas Serenas Water Company (W-01583A):

Lazy C Water Service (W-01536A):

Liberty Utilities (Bella Vista Water) Corp. (W-02465A) Formerly Bella Vista Water Company:

Liberty Utilities (Litchfield Park Water and Sewer) Corp. (W-01427A):

Little Park Water Company (W-02192A):

Livco Water Company (W-02121A):

Loma Estates Water Co. (W-02245A):

Loma Linda Water Company (W-02211A):

Lord Arizona Water Systems, Inc. (W-02479A):

Los Cerros Water Company, Inc. (W-02747A):

Lucky Hills Water Company (W-01961A):

Lyn Lee Water (W-01854A):

McAdams Water Company (W-02267A):

McNeal Water Company (aka MWC, Inc.) (W-02658A):

Mescal Lakes Water Systems, Inc. (W-02472A):

Michael's Ranch Water Users' Association (W-02624A):

  • 2015 (pdf, 1554 KB)
  • 2016 (pdf, 1767 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 696 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1993 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 9185 KB)

Mirabell Water Company, Inc. (W-02368A):

Mohawk Utility Company (W-02341A):

Monte Vista Water Co., LLC (W-02703A):

Montezuma Rimrock Water Company, LLC (W-04254A):

Morenci Water and Electric Company (W-01049A):

Mormon Lake Water Company (W-01472A):

Morristown Water Company (W-02164A)

  • 2018 (pdf, 313 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 1753 KB)

Mountain Dell Water, Inc. (W-01877A):

Mountain Glen Water Service (W-03875A):

Mt. Tipton Water Company (W-02105A):

Naco Water Company, LLC (W-02860A):

Navajo Water Company, Inc. (W-03511A):

  • 2015 (pdf, 1916 KB)
  • 2016 (pdf, 819 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 1354 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 2207 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 1528 KB)

New River Utilities Company (W-01737A) 8-5-16 Transferred to City of Peoria per Decision 75690:

  • 2015 (pdf, 1395 KB)

North Mohave Valley Corporation (W-02259A) 10-25-13 Transferred to EPCOR Water Arizona (WS-01303A):

Northern Sunrise Water Company (W-20453A) Transferred to Bella Vista Water W-02465A per Decision 72251:

Oak Creek Public Service (W-04304A):

Oak Creek Water Company No. 1 (W-01392A):

Oatman Water Company, LLC (W-04069A):

Orange Grove Water Company (W-02237A) 7-15-15 Cancelled per Decision 75166:

Park Water Company, Inc. (W-02353A):

Parker Lakeview Estates Homeowners Association Inc. (W-01853A):

Payson Water Company, Inc. (W-03514A):

  • 2015 (pdf, 3296 KB)
  • 2016 (pdf, 3429 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 2624 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1382 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 1827 KB)

Peeples Valley Water Company, Inc. (W-02146A):

Perkins Mountain Water Company (W-20380A):

Picacho Peak Water Company (W-02351A):

Picacho Water Company (W-03528A):

Picacho Water Improvement Corporation (W-01774A):

Pima Water Company (W-02199A):

Pine Valley Water Company (W-02181A):

Pinecrest Water Company (W-02091A):

Ponderosa Utility Corporation (W-01717A):

Ponderosa Water, L.L.C. (W-01407A) Formerly Strawberry Water Company:

  • 2017 (pdf, 761 KB)

Pueblo Del Sol Water Company (W-02208A):

Puesta Del Sol Water Company (W-2464A):

Q Mountain Mobile Home Park (W-02518A):

Q Mountain Water, Inc. (W-02800A):

Quail Creek Water Company (W-02514A):

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